DAVISON, Henry Donald - ENS USN

Henry Donald Davison ENS

Henry Donald Davison ENS

Henry Donald Davison


Henry Donald Davison ENS

Henry D. Davison 1940

  • Branch: United States Navy
  • Service Number: 85052
  • Rate: ENS (Ensign)
  • Administrative Duty: Watch and Junior Division
  • Collateral Duty: Ship's Paper
  • Battle Station: Spot II
  • Enlisted: 12 June 1936
  • Commissioned: 6 June 1940
  • Date of Birth: 5 April 1916
  • Place of Birth: McGehee Desh, Arkansas
  • Date of Death: 19 February 1999
  • Place of Death: Florida
  • Interment: Memorial Park Cemetery, Saint Petersburg, Florida

Henry Donald Davison - Little Rock, Arkansas - "Dave" "Han" - "For four years Dave has been waiting to see his name spelled correctly and for that same period of time he has been a truly fine classmate, friend, and roommate. Early plebe year Dave decided that he preferred the Navy to any other profession, and since then he has exerted all his energy toward making himself a better Naval Officer. On any hop night Dave can be located, usually in company with a lovely drag. Fencing is his forte and in that he has entered with determination to better himself and the team. His cheerfulness and likeable nature combine to make him the truly 4.0 roommate he has been" Lucky Bag Yearbok - United States Naval Academy 1940


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