We are working as quickly as possible to get all of the information in for each individual. Due to the website being hacked several times, we are uploading information from our 2001 database backup which is creating a very slow process. Currently information is in through the last names A-SAVINSKI and U-Z. We expect to have everyone's full information in by mid-August, sorry for the delay. Check here for progress updates. Thank you for your patience. For those of you interested in family history, we will be loading family data sheets and additional resources once the basic information is completed for each sailor.

USS Arizona Casualty List

     We are proud to bring you not just a casualty list, but a comprehensive look at each one of these men. Click on a name to view their profile. This list can be sorted using the "Title Filter" box below. You can enter any form of name, rate, service branch or state to help you organize the list, then press enter on your keyboard. When using the "Title Filter," please also select "All" from the drop-down box to the right.
     Please note, the States listed for Casualties reflect their next of kin location. Birth/home states will be listed for each man in their individual profiles whenever possible.
     Additional information about Casualties & Survivors: Click Here

Title Modified Date
WHITE, Charles William - Mus2/c USN - Kansas 16 Jul 2016
WHITE, James Clifton - F1/c USN - Texas 16 Jul 2016
WHITE, Vernon Russell - S1/c USN - South Carolina 16 Jul 2016
WHITE, Volmer Dowin - S1/c USN - Mississippi 16 Jul 2016
WHITEHEAD, Ulmont Irving Jr. - ENS USN - Oregon 16 Jul 2016
WHITLOCK, Paul Morgan - S2/c USN - Texas 16 Jul 2016
WHITSON, Ernest Hubert Jr. - Mus2/c USN - California 16 Jul 2016
WHITT, William Byron - GM3/c USN - Kentucky 16 Jul 2016
WHITTEMORE, Andrew Tiny - MAtt2/c USN - Tennessee 16 Jul 2016
WICK, Everett Morris - FC3/c USN - Oregon 16 Jul 2016
WICKLUND, John Joseph - S1/c USN - Minnesota 16 Jul 2016
WILCOX, Arnold Alfred - QM2/c USN - Iowa 09 Aug 2016
WILL, Joseph William - S2/c USN - Colorado 16 Jul 2016
WILLETTE, Laddie James - S2/c USN - Michigan 16 Jul 2016
WILLIAMS, Adrian Delton - S1/c USN - Louisiana 09 Aug 2016
WILLIAMS, Clyde Richard - Mus2/c USN - Oklahoma 16 Jul 2016
WILLIAMS, George Washington - S1/c USN - Virginia 16 Jul 2016
WILLIAMS, Jack Herman - RM3/c USNR - South Carolina 16 Jul 2016
WILLIAMS, Lawrence A. - ENS USNR - Ohio 16 Jul 2016
WILLIAMSON, Randolph (n) Jr. - MAtt1/c USN - North Carolina 16 Jul 2016
WILLIAMSON, William Dean - RM2/c USNR - California 16 Jul 2016
WILLIS, Robert Kenneth, Jr. - S1/c USN - Louisiana 16 Jul 2016
WILSON, Bernard Martin - RM3/c USNR - New York 15 Jul 2016
WILSON, Comer A. - CBM USN - Alabama 15 Jul 2016
WILSON, Hurschel Woodrow - F2/c USN - Ohio 15 Jul 2016

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