HAERRY, Raymond John - COX USN

Raymond John Haerry COX

Raymond John Haerry COX

Raymond John Haerry


Raymond John Haerry COX

Raymond J. Haerry 2014

  • Branch: United States Navy
  • Service Number: Recently Deceased - Hidden for Privacy
  • Rate: COX (Coxswain)
  • Duties: Work with canvas and handle boats. Know signaling.
  • Enlisted: 11 March 1940
  • Place: Boston, Massachusettes
  • Onboard USS Arizona: 30 September 1940
  • From: RS Norfolk
  • Date of Birth:- 1921
  • Place of Birth: New Jersey
  • Date of Death: 27 September 2016
  • Place of Death: Rhode Island

Raymond Haerry still remembers the horror of swimming past burning remains of his shipmates as he struggled to swim to the safety of Ford Island. He managed to avoid much of the flaming oil covering his path by swimming underwater and surfacing to push the flaming oil in the water aside with his arms in front of him.

Haerry went on to serve on the USS Opportune, USS Allagash, USS Luiseno and the USS Muna Kea. In November 1964, after 24 years of service, Raymond Haerry retired from the Navy.


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