BRUNER, Lauren Fay - FC3/c USN - Living

Lauren Fay Bruner FC3c

Lauren Fay Bruner FC3c

Lauren Fay Bruner

Fire Controlman Third Class

Lauren Fay Bruner FC3c

Lauren F. Bruner 2014

  • Branch: United States Navy
  • Service Number: Living - Hidden for Privacy
  • Rate: FC3/c (Fire Conntrolman Third Class)
  • Duties: Stow, inspect and repair fire control instruments. Take charge of fire control equipment. Know electricity - A.C. and D.C. Man fire control stations.
  • Enlisted: 15 November 1938
  • Place: Seattle, Washington
  • Onboard USS Arizona: 11 March 1939
  • From: NYPS Bremerton via USS Nitro
  • Date of Birth: Living - Hidden for Privacy
  • Place of Birth: Washington

After his recovery from injuries sustained at Pearl Harbor, Bruner was assigned to the brand new USS Coghlan. Enroute to their new assignment in Hawaii, they were redirected to the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. He finished his stint in the Navy in Shanghai, working shore patrol the way he did back in Honolulu. He was cut loose in San Francisco and returned to Los Angeles, where he had married a girl back in late 1942.

Lauren Bruner plans to have his ashes placed in Turret IV with his shipmates. He says of his decision not to be buried in an ordinary military cemetery, "the dead in such places are often quickly forgotten".


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