Douglas Hein
ENS on 7 Dec 1941

d. 5 Jun 1946 - (Jim Vlach notation: d. USS Antietam)

Statement of Statement of Ensign Douglas Hein:
From: USS Arizona Action Report - 13 December 1941

I left the J.O.[junior officers] Mess at General Quarters. As I went to the boat deck, I noticed that some of starboard A.A. guns were firing. I think they were the forward ones. Then I went up to the signal bridge. I looked around and saw that there was nothing that I could do. I saw the admiral on the signal bridge. Then I went up to the nav bridge. The only people up there were the captain, the quartermaster and myself. The quartermaster asked the captain if he wanted to go into the conning tower but the captain did not want to, making phone calls. Suddenly the whole bridge shook like it was in an earthquake, flame came through the bridge windows which had been broken by gunfire. We three were trying to get out the port door at the after end of the bridge during all this shaking, but could not. We staggered to the starboard side and fell on the deck just forward of the wheel. Finally I raised my head and turned it and saw that the port door was open. I got up and ran to it, and ran down the port ladders, passing through flames and smoke. Then I climbed half way down the signal bridge ladder and had to jump to the boat deck as it was bent way under. Then I climbed down a handrail to the gally deck. The flames and smoke on the boat deck and galley deck were decreasing in intensity; I believe they were powder flames. I walked aft and down the ladder to the port quarterdeck. Then I walked to the other side and down the officer's ladder to the barge.

Just before all this shaking the quartermaster reported that a bomb had struck No. 2 turret.

Additional Information:
Name: Douglas Hein
Relative Name: Captain and Mrs. H R Hein
Relative Relationship: Parents (Parent)
State: California
Country: United States
Type of Casualty: Wounded In Action
Roll: ww2c_27

Name: Douglas Hein
Date of Loss: 5 Jun 1946 0
Branch: U.S. Navy
Service number: 100120
Status: Missing in Action


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