John Andrew Doherty
GCM on 7 Dec 1941

Statement of Ensign Statement of John A. Doherty, CGM:
From: USS Arizona Action Report - 13 December 1941

I was in the chief's quarter when the air raid alarm sounded. At the same time I heard something hit. I went immediately to my battle station ? which is the A.A. Battery. When I arrived on the boat deck, I saw the forecastle waving up and down and fire and smoke coming up through seams of the deck.

I went to the port side to see if the ammunition hoists were rigged and they were okay. I then went to the starboard side and the crew was rigging No. 1-3 hoist for hoisting ammunition.

I noticed No. 3 gun wasn't firing due to safety bearing when the foot firing mechanism cut out. I was then shocked and surrounded by smoke and flames. I was backing away from the smoke and I can't remember much from then on.

I was in the water and was helped in a boat and from there to a hospital.

Only man dead and I'm not sure was Anderson, BM2c I think was hit by machine gun bullets.



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