USS California (BB-44) Casualty List Organized Alphabetically

102 Total Casualties - 98 USN | 4 USMC

Please note: the States listed reflect their home state on 7 December 1941 or next of kin state.

Note regarding Edward Watkin Jones at end of list.

# Name Rate/Rank Branch State
001 ADKINS, Howard Lucas F1/c USN West Virginia
002 ALLEN, Moses Anderson MAtt1/c USN North Carolina
003 ALLEN, Thomas Benton GM2/c USN Tennessee
004 BAILEY, Wilbur Houston S1/c USN Texas
005 BAKER, Glen [n] S2/c USN Ohio
006 BALL, James William F2/c USN Missouri
007 BANDEMER, Harold William S1/c USN Wyoming
008 BAZETTI, Michael Louis S1/c USN Missouri
009 BEAL, Albert Quentin RM2/c USN California
010 BECKWITH, Thomas Stewart SF3/c USN New York
011 BLANKENSHIP, Henry Wilbur PhM1/c USN California
012 BLOUNT, John Andrew, Jr. PFC USMC Louisiana
013 BOWDEN, Edward Daniel F2/c USN North Carolina
014 BOWERS, Robert K. ENS (VO-2) USNR Washington
015 BREWER, Robert Leroy S1/c USN California
016 BUSH, Samuel Jackson MAtt1/c USN South Carolina
017 BUTLER, James Warren F2/c USN Iowa
018 CARPENTER, Elmer Lemuel BM1/c USN California
019 CLARK, Cullen Benjamin F1/c USN Mississippi
020 COLE, Francis Eugene Msmth2/c USN Ohio
021 COOPER, Kenneth James FC3/c USN Michigan
022 CURTIS, Herbert Smith, Jr. S2/c USN Mississippi
023 CUTRER, Lloyd Henry S2/c USN Louisiana
024 DAVIS, Edward Hope SK1/c USN Texas
025 DEETZ, John Wesley GM3/c USN Indiana
026 DOMPIER, Marshall Leonard SK2/c USN Washington
027 DOUGLAS, Norman W. S1/c USN Washington
028 DUGGER, Guy [n] F1/c USN Texas
029 DUKES, Billie Joe S1/c USN Texas
030 DURNING, Thomas Roy, Jr. S2/c USN California
031 ERNEST, Robert William S2/c USN Pennsylvania
032 FARLEY, Alfred Jack S2/c USN Louisiana
033 FERGUSON, Marvin Lee, Jr. AS USN Alabama
034 GALASZEWSKI, Stanley Casmier S2/c USN Ohio
035 GARCIA, Robert Stillman SK3/c USN Texas
036 GARY, Thomas Jones S2/c USN Texas
037 GILBERT, George Hellworth ENS USNR Arizona
038 GILBERT, Tom [n] S1/c USN Alabama
039 HANSON, Helmer Ansel S2/c USN Wisconsin
040 HENDERSON, Gilbert Allen MAtt2/c USN Virginia
041 HILDEBRAND, John Arthur, Jr. F1/c USN Virginia
042 HILLMAN, Merle Chester Joseph PhM2/c USN California
043 HOLLEY, Paul Elston S1/c USN Nebraska
044 JACOBS, Richard Frederick SF3/c USN Illinois
045 JEFFREY, Ira Weil ENS USNR Minnesota
046 JOHNSON, Melvin Grant RM3/c USN Washington
047 JONES, Ernest [n] MAtt3/c USN Tennessee
048 JONES, Herbert C. ENS USNR California
049 KAUFMAN, Harry [n] BM1/c USN California
050 KEENER, Arlie Glen SK3/c USN Missouri
051 KRAMER, Harry Wellington F1/c USN Wisconsin
052 LANCASTER, John Thomas PhM3/c (V-6) USNR Washington
053 LARSEN, Donald Clifford Vincent RM3/c USN Minnesota
054 LEE, Roy Elmer, Jr. Pvt USMC Oklahoma
055 LEWIS, John Earl SK1/c USN California
056 LONDON, James Edward SK1/c USN North Dakota
057 MANGES, Howard Ellis FC3/c USN Missouri
058 MARTIN, John Winter F3/c USN Tennessee
059 McGRAW, George Vincent F1/c USN West Virginia
060 McMEANS, Clyde Clifton S1/c USN Texas
061 McMURTREY, Aaron Lloyd S1/c USN Oklahoma
062 MILNER, James William F1/c USN Arkansas
063 MINTER, James Dewey S2/c USN Texas
064 MIRELLO, Bernard Joseph S1/c USN Pennsylvania
065 MONTGOMERY, William Andrew GM3/c USN California
066 NELSON, Marlyn Wayne F2/c USN Washington
067 NEWTON, Wayne Edward S1/c USN Indiana
068 PARKER, June Winton QM3/c USN Illinois
069 PAYNE, Kenneth Morris S1/c USN Missouri
070 PENDARVIS, George Eugene F3/c USN Washington
071 PITTS, Lewis William, Jr. S2/c USN Oklahoma
072 PRZYBYSZ, Alexsander John Prtr2/c USN Wisconsin
073 PULLEN, Roy Alfred S2/c USN Illinois
074 RACISZ, Edward Stanley S1/c USN Pennsylvania
075 REEVES, Thomas James CRMP USN Connecticut
076 RICHEY, Joseph Lee ENS (VO-2) USN Missouri
077 RIPLEY, Edwin Herbert S2/c USN Michigan
078 ROBERTS, Earl Reed S1/c USN North Carolina
079 ROSENTHAL, Alfred Aaron RM3/c USNR New York
080 ROSS, Joe Boyce RM2/c USN Texas
081 ROYSE, Frank Willard RM3/c USN Indiana
082 SAFFELL, Morris Franklin F1/c USN Arizona
083 SCOTT, Robert Raymond MM1/c USN Ohio
084 SEARLE, Erwin Leroy GM3/c USN Iowa
085 SHELLY, Russell Kenneth, Jr. Mus2/c USN Pennsylvania
086 SHOOK, Shelby Charles Pvt USMC Arkansas
087 SIMMONS, Frank Leroy MAtt2/c USN Ohio
088 SIMMONS, Tceollyar [n] S2/c USN Michigan
089 SMITH, Lloyd George S2/c USN Alabama
090 STAFFORD, Gordon William S2/c USN California
091 STAPLER, Leo [n] MAtt1/c USN Ohio
092 SWEANY, Charles Edward EM1/c USN Illinois
093 SZURGOT, Edward Frank SK3/c USN Wisconsin
094 TREANOR, Frank Parnell RM3/c USN California
095 TURK, Pete [n] S2/c USN Kansas
096 ULRICH, George Vernon F1/c USN Iowa
097 VINING, George Eugene MAtt2/c USN Georgia
098 WALKER, David [n] MAtt3/c USN Virginia
099 WALLEN, Earl Delbert PFC USMC Wisconsin
100 WILSON, Milton Sloss F3/c USN Texas
101 WODARSKI, Steven Joseph S1/c USN Illinois
102 WYDILA, John Charles SF3/c USN Pennsylvania

NOTE: JONES, Edward Watkin - Edward Watkin Jones, DOB 14 July 1920 in New Orleans, LA, is incorrectly reported as a Pearl Harbor casualty on many lists. He was NOT a casualty.  It is further reported on some lists that he died 5 Jan 1944 from injuries sustained at Pearl Harbor. This is NOT true information.

Edward Watkin Jones Service Information: SN 2745144, enlisted 30 Sept 1940 from New Orleans, LA, reported aboard USS OKLAHOMA on 23 Nov 1940 and was transferred to USS CALIFORNIA on 24 Nov 1940. S1/c as of 7 Dec 1941. He continued to serve on USS CALIFORNIA until at least September 1944, as GM3/c, when he was transferred to GM school in San Francisco. He served throughout the war and was honorably discharged from the Navy 6 July 1945. Edward Watkin Jones died 24 January 2001, Metairie, LA.

Edward W. Jones who died on 5 Jan 1944, whose information has been wrongly attributed to Edward Watkin Jones, is a different man. His information is as follows: SN 6658290, US Army, 89th Field Artillery Battalion, 25th Infantry Division, Born 5 Oct 1916 in Kentucky, interred National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

Both of these men deserve to be remembered correctly for their service. Please correct this information if you find it on a website or printed publication.

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