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By Lorraine E. Marks-Haislip, USS Arizona Reunion Association Historian - Retired

Collated from the USS ARIZONA Deck Log and the 8 July 1941 issue of the "At-Em" newspaper printed aboard the USS ARIZONA BB-39. Vincent J. Vlach's aunt saved the newspaper item and Mr. Vlach forwarded it to Lorraine E. Marks-Haislip, Historian, USS ARIZONA Reunion Association, Inc. for use in the ARIZONA "Memories" albums.

USS ARIZONA BB-39 17 June 1941 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Deck Log 1600 to 2000 Anchored as before. 1645 - Pursuant to basic orders from the Commanding Officer, Receiving Ship, Navy Yard, Washington, D.C., NM9/P-16-4/MM dated May 26, 1941 the following men reported for duty:

KINNEY, Frederick W. 279-25-26, 1st Mus. , Home: Bremerton, Washington. Graduate of Bremerton High School, attended University of Washington at Seattle.

HAAS, Curtis J. 316-70-82, S2C. Home: Kansas City, Missouri. Graduate of North Kansas City High School, attended Huff Business College. Previous occupation - Professional Musician. Major instrument - Flute, Piccolo. Minor instrument - Tenor Sax, Clarinet. Nickname - "Curt"

LYNCH, Emmett I. 287-39-39 Musician 2c. Home: Louisville, Kentucky. Graduate of Ormsby Village High School. A.B. from Georgetown College. Previous occupation - Salesman. Major instrument - Bass Drum. Nickname - "Rusty"

BRABBZON, Oran M. 223-81-96 Musician 2c. Home: East Meadow, Long Island, New York. Graduate of Hempstead High School. Major instrument - French Horn. Nickname - "Buttercup"

MOORHOUSE, William S. 342-29-10 Musician 2c. (Deck log spells name Moorehouse) Home: Wichita, Kansas. Graduate of Strong Vincent High School. Attended Erie Conservatory of Music. Previous occupation - Draftsman. Major instrument - Trumpet. Nickname - "Killer"

RADFORD, Neal J. 316-69-33 S2C. Home: Newark, Nebraska. Attended Kearney High School. Previous occupation - Farmer. Major instrument - Baritone. Nickname - "Brick"

BANDY, Wayne L. 337-41-33 S2C. Home: Waynesville, Missouri. Graduate of Waynesville High School. Previous occupation - Truck Driver. Major instument - Trumpet. Nickname - "Buck"

CHERNUCHA, Harry G. 223-91-08 S2C. Home: North Merrick, Long Island, New York. Graduate of Mephan High School. Wrestling champion of New York State High Schools. Major instrument - Clarinet. Minor instrument - Sax. Nickname - "Cherry" & "The Mad Russian"

HURLEY, Wendell R. 291-66-49 S2C. Home: Louisville, Kentucky. Graduate of Marion High School. Previous occupation - Baton Twirling Teacher. Major instrument - Clarinet. Nickname - "Lady Killer"

SANDERSON, James H. 376-15-83 S2C. Home: Lindsay, California. Graduate of Lindsay High School. Previous occupation - Orange Grower. Major instrument - Sax. Nickname - "Sandy"

WILLIAMS, Clyde R. 356-42-55 S2C. Home: Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Graduate of Okmulgee High School. Previous occupation - "Soda Jerk" Major instrument - Cornet. Nickname - "Oklmulgee"

SHAW, Robert K. 360-26-52 S2C. Home: Pasadena, Texas. Graduate of Pasadena High School. Previous occupation - Movie Usher. Major instrument - Trombone. Nickname - "Peepee"

SCRUGGS, Jack L. 382-34-07 S2C. Home: Long Beach, California. Graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School. Previous occupation - Salesman and Semi-professional musician. (His sister reported Jack was asked by ADM Kidd, Sr. to play his accordion for his wife's birthday call.) Major instrument - Trombone. Minor instrument - Piano and Piano Accordion. Nickname - "Scrooge"

MCCARY, William M. 272-49-25 S2C. (Deck log spells last name McCrary) Home: Birmingham, Alabama. Graduate of Shades Cahaba High School. Previous occupation - Ranch Hand. Major instrument - Tuba. Nickname - "Swede"

BURDETTE, Ralph W. 224-09-35 S2C. Home: Plainfield, New Jersey. Graduate of Plainfield High School. Major instrument - French Horn. Nickname - "Chowhound"

NADEL, Alexander J. 224-14-64 S2C. Home: Astoria, Long Island, New York. Graduate of Bryant High School. Attended Juilliard Conservatory of Music. Previous occupation - Semi-professional musician. Major instrument - Trumpet. Nickname - "Alexander the Swooze"

HUGHES, Bernard T. 243-88-64 S2C. Home: Athens, Pennsylvania. Graduate of Athens High School. Previous occupation - Factory Worker. Major instrument - Trombone. Nickname - "Bee"

WHITSON, Ernest H. Jr. 279-79-54 S2C. Home: Cincinnati, Ohio. Graduate of Withrow High School. Attended Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Previous occupation - Salesman. Major instrument - String Bass. Nickname - "Ernie"

FLOEGE, Frank N. 300-38-73 S2C. Home: Harvey, Illinois. Graduate of Thornton Township High School. Previous occupation - Welder in Buda Diesel Co. Major instrument - Clarinet. Minor instrument - Sax. Nickname - "Flat-foot Floogie"

COX, Gerald C. 300-38-24 S2C. Home: Rock Island, Illinois. Graduate of East Molin High School. Attended Racine Conservatory of Music. Previous occupation - Guitar Teacher. Major instrument - Guitar. Nickname - "Jerry"

WHITE, Charles W. 368-62-78 S2C. Home: Bountiful, Utah. Graduate of Davis High School. Attended Brigham Young University. Previous occupation - Professional Musician. Major instrument - Drums. Nickname - "Whitey"

The 21 member band killed aboard the USS ARIZONA BB-39, 7 December 1941

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