Sailor of the Month

Sailor of the Month

Frederick William Kinney ~ KIA USS Arizona

Frederick William Kinney, USS Arizona Band Leader, was born 31 July 1909 at Robinson Creek, Kentucky. He enlisted in the Navy 1926 and served on the USS West Virginia, USS New Mexico, USS Pennsylvania, USS Argonne and USS Arizona. The entire band reported aboard USS Arizona on 17 June 1941.

Frederick William Kinney, along with all the members of the USS Arizona's Pacific Fleet Navy Band No. 22, was killed in action at his battle station on December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Highlight ~ Betty Marie Tino (Kinney)

USS Arizona Band Leader, Frederick William Kinney, was married to Elizabeth (Betty) Marie Von Babo and they resided in Washington. They had no children. Betty later remarried and has 3 daughters, 10 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren. Photo was her 90th birthday celebrated in 2008. Betty Tino passed away in 2012 at the age of 94.

In 2008, Betty provided us with her heartwarming story of her husband Fred; Betty's first love.

Betty Marie Kinny Tino

Peaceful Arizona

"Peaceful Arizona" a tribute composed and sung by retired US Navy Chief Gordon Freitas. This live video made by a friend includes well known pictures of Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona.

We first featured Gordon's song on our website in 2006. We hope you enjoy this video of Gordon performing Peaceful Arizona live.

For another wonderful version of this song with underwater footage
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Peaceful Arizona Lyrics

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USS Arizona History in Pictures

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