Photo is Not Howard Taisey Anderson
Photo is NOT Howard Taisey Anderson

This photo of Howard Anderson was erroneously published on this website in 2015 as Howard Taisey Anderson (where it remained until recently). This is a photo of Howard Anderson, 1918, that was sent to us to be included with former crew photos. We have not published the original of this photo until now. A cropped version was originally published in 2006 as part of our 65th Anniversary Special Collections - Former Crew Album.

Unfortunately, due to our database being corrupted several years ago, 2 folders - both with the same name but in different directories - were erroneously merged into one folder. This caused the photo to display as "Howard Taisey Anderson" since the Special Collections section no longer existed on our website and at, that time, we did not have a photo of Howard Taisey Anderson so the mistake was not caught until recently.

The photo has since been copied and published as Howard Taisey Anderson around the internet and in several modern print publications. The photo was taken at an incline and has since been "straightened," retouched and cropped by other people several times over. (See photos below for reference)

We take a lot of pride in providing accurate information so it is important that we make this correction and hope it will also be corrected across the internet and in future printed publications.

The first 2 photos show our original Howard Anderson photo (c. 1918) and the cropped version that first appeared on our website in 2006. The last 2 photos show how they may appear now on many websites and modern print publications.

If you have a version of this photo attributed to Howard Taisey Anderson, please make the appropriate corrections.

This is NOT Howard Taisey Anderson.
Our Original Howard Anderson 1918 Our Website Photo 2006 Photo on other Websites & Print Publications Cropped Close-up on other Websites & Print Publications

The lesson learned here is don't assume that if it's on our website it is absolute. Like anyone, we are human and mistakes are made, though we try very hard to make sure everything is accurate information. After researching the USS Arizona and her crew for nearly 25 years, I can tell you, without a doubt, there will be new information surface and corrections will need to be made. Use due diligence and do your own research to make sure that what you find on our website, or any other website or printed publication, is correct information.

We gladly welcome your input and any additions or corrections you may have. If you have any questions or would like to send additional information and/or corrections, you can send them by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you! ~ N. A. Nease

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